Star Valley

Star Valley offers its residents an authentic experience of rural Wyoming living.

Welcome to Star Valley

Affordable properties with rural authenticity

Star Valley offers its residents an authentic experience of rural Wyoming living, with sprawling, untarnished properties flanked by snow-capped mountains and full of winding creeks and rivers. The many ranches and estates dotted across the area offer an unmatched level of serenity, being situated away from busy urban centers and crowded tourist destinations. Though you won’t find quite so many luxury amenities here as you might closer to Jackson, you’ll still have access to numerous parks and recreational experiences that make living in this beautiful region so sought-after. Thanks to this distance from busier areas, properties in Star Valley also tend to be more affordable.

What to Love

  • The quiet and beauty of rural Wyoming 
  • Private, expansive properties
  • More affordable market
  • Hiking trails, rivers, and other recreation opportunities

People & Lifestyle

The residents of Star Valley appreciate a lifestyle that harkens back to the region’s history of working properties and ranches, where a connection to the landscape and its resources was more important than fine dining or luxury experiences. That said, the area still has many incredible, modern homes that make the most of the landscape with panoramic views of the green valleys and snowy peaks that are an iconic feature of the region.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

There is a selection of delicious local restaurants to try, including The Grill at Star Valley Ranch, which is a popular, family-friendly choice for classic American sandwiches and more. One local favorite is Delish Donuts & Coffee, which has a selection of fun and experimental flavors of fresh donuts to choose from, as well as excellent coffee, drinks, and more. Though it’s a short trip away, one of the area’s most popular spots for residents and visitors is Juan’s House of Tacos. This authentic Mexican restaurant is a busy spot for families who want to enjoy a fresh meal, drawing big crowds on the weekends.

Things to Do

Star Valley gives residents access to a variety of amazing outdoor experiences. The Palisades Reservoir is a popular destination located just across the nearby border with Idaho. It’s one of the best places to spend a day picnicking, swimming, boating, water skiing, and more. The Bridger-Teton National Forest is another great choice for those who want to spend their time enjoying the great outdoors thanks to its sprawling 3.4 million acres of public space full of beautiful rivers, preserved natural ecosystems, thriving wildlife, and miles upon miles of trails for biking and hiking. Star Valley also has multiple points of convenient public access to Salt River, which is known as a great spot for fly-fishing and waterfowl hunting.

Star Valley also hosts some exciting competitive outdoor sporting events, such as Snowmobile Hillclimb and All American Cutter Races that provide great entertainment and draw audiences from around the nation. When you want to enjoy some sports for yourself, Star Valley Ranch is home to the picturesque Cedar Creek Golf Course and Aspen Hills Golf Course.


Star Valley is part of the Lincoln County School District, which includes:

  • Star Valley Middle School
  • Star Valley High School
  • Cokeville Elementary School
  • Cokeville High School
  • Afton Elementary School

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